Requirement In this post, we are having data in a CSV file. This file contains basic information about Employees. We want to import CSV data into HBase table. Components Involved HDFS HBASE Sample Data Our sample data looks like below: sample-data   7369,SMITH,CLERK,7902,12/17/1980,800,20 7499,ALLEN,SALESMAN,7698,2/20/1981,1600,30 7521,WARD,SALESMAN,7698,2/22/1981,1250,30 7566,TURNER,MANAGER,7839,4/2/1981,2975,20 7654,MARTIN,SALESMAN,7698,9/28/1981,1250,30 7698,MILLER,MANAGER,7839,5/1/1981,2850,30 7782,CLARK,MANAGER,7839,6/9/1981,2450,10 7788,SCOTT,ANALYST,7566,12/9/1982,3000,20Read More →

Requirement Suppose we have data in Hive table. We want the same data into HBase table. So, our requirement is to migrate the data from Hive to HBase table. Components Involved Hive – Source table HBase – Target Table Solution We cannot load data directly into HBase table from theRead More →