Requirement You have one table in hive, and it is needed to process the data of that hive table using pig.To load data directly from file we generally use PigStorage(),but to load data from hive table we need different loading function. Let’s go into detail step by step. Solution StepRead More →

Problem 1 Write a pig script to calculate the sum of profits earned by selling a particular product. Below is the code to create data into hive table.     CREATE SCHEMA IF NOT EXISTS bdp; CREATE TABLE bdp.profits (product_id INT,profit BIGINT); INSERT INTO TABLE bdp.profits VALUES (’123′,’1365’),(’124′,’3253’),(’125′,’91522’), (’123′,’51842’),(’127′,’19616’),(’128′,’2433’), (’127′,’182652’),(’130′,’21632’),(’122′,’21632’),Read More →